How It Works

How this project works

All backers who pre-order a limited edition book or print before the deadline will receive their product in July 2021.  The book is being compiled in the weeks running up to the launch exhibition at the Carlton Club in Manchester on 1 July 2021.  You can have your say on this project and help us by completing a 1 minute survey.

Being a part of it

This gives you the chance to support Richard and Emma as they work on the exhibition and the book.  Not only will you have the chance to see the book as it is created, but you will have the opportunity to see sneak previews, ask questions and even give your opinions prior to its completion.

A natural project

This publishing project is different.  The books are pre-sold like a crowdfunder, except there is no minimum target of set funding goal.  We didn't want to run a kickstarter campaign as we felt this project deserved its own digital space to tell its story.  Certain special limited edition products will require a minimum number of backers before they will be manufactured.  This may mean certain editions are released after others, or possibly refunded if there are not sufficient pre-sales.  We hope you understand.  This is a project that relies on your enthusiasm for the art and the stories it tells.  

You can help us by purchasing one of our limited edition books or prints.